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Block Craft World:Planet Craft

Planet Craft




Planet Craft is a multiplayer craft and mine sandbox game for survival enthusiasts and creative builders.

Craft Survival Mode:
Embark on an epic journey in an infinite open world, where you'll encounter countless real-time players from across the globe. Challenge the elements, mine resources, and mini block craft your path to survival crafting. Form alliances, defend your turf, and engage in exhilarating adventures as you explore the boundless terrain.

Creative Mode:
Unleash your creativity by renting plots of land to bring your grand visions to life. Craft multi architectural masterpieces, picturesque landscapes, or futuristic cities. Your imagination is the only limit, and with Creative Mode, you have the canvas to make your dreams a reality.

Forge bonds of camaraderie by joining a clan or create your own to mini team up with friends for survival adventures and victories. Cooperation and strategy are the keys to conquering the multi crafting and building challenges that await.

Friend System and Chats:
Stay connected with mine block craft adventurers by making a list of friends and engaging in lively chats. Plan your next daring world expedition or simply share your in-game experiences with those who matter most.

Trade and Teleports:
Seamlessly exchange items with other players to strengthen your inventory. Utilize teleportation to effortlessly navigate expansive survival landscape, ensuring you're always where the action is.

Daily Quests:
Take on thrilling challenges and embark on exciting adventures by completing daily quests. Earn valuable rewards and level up your character as you conquer these daily tasks.

Private Worlds:
Set up your own custom worlds with unique settings for creative adventures or mine survival missions with friends. Craft your own rules and scenarios for truly customized gameplay.

Challenge yourself with a diverse array of in-game accomplishments. Rise to various challenges and bask in the satisfaction of your achievements.

Explore the mansions nestled within the forest in survival crafting and building. Confront their inhabitants and secure rare items, artifacts, and treasures that will aid you in your quest for greatness.

Mini games:
Diversify your adventures and test your skills with a variety of craft games, including Hunger Games, TNT Run, Spleef, and Hide & Seek. Compete with others and prove your prowess.

Spawns and Respawn Points:
Begin your journey in cozy spawn areas where you'll be safe from harm. Set respawn points in your home for swift in-game movement, ensuring you're always where you want to be.

Daily Bonuses and Free Coins:
Receive daily bonuses and free coins to enhance your gaming experience. Upgrade your character, home, or base with these valuable resources.

Various Mobs:
Tame a variety of mobs, including horses, cats, dogs, and golems, to have them as your loyal companions in the mine world survival. These faithful allies will aid you on crafting and building adventures and quests.

Planet Craft is a virtual universe where your imagination knows no bounds. Choose your path, embark on multi adventures, master build mini creations, and forge lasting friendships in this captivating world of endless possibilities. Start your journey today!


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