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Indus Appstore: Everything you need to know as a developer

Suniva Rawat|3 min read|21 February 2024

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You have a new feature launch coming up, you wire up the code, build your app and submit it to the app stores. While you eagerly wait for the launch, you get a notification stating that your app is rejected – the drama that unfolds has given many of us sleepless nights.

In the dynamic landscape of app development and distribution, Indus Appstore emerges as a revolutionary force, reshaping the narrative for developers in India. As the country’s pioneering Android-based app store, Indus Appstore transcends conventional boundaries, offering users not just apps but a deeply personalized, localized, and contextual experience.

The challenges faced by developers in the Indian App Ecosystem are multifaceted – from changing policies to lack of support and exorbitant in-app payment commissions. Indus Appstore steps in as a comprehensive end- to end solution, offering developers a suite of services. From a self-publishing platform to robust localization services and multiple tools for app growth, developers find in the Indus Appstore a partner dedicated to addressing their unique needs. It aims to provide developers with a fair and level playing field to navigate the complexities of the Indian app market.

We understand that successful app launches require developing the right app, building a brand and having the best distribution strategy. Keeping this in mind, the Indus Appstore Developer Platform is designed to manage the entire app development life cycle, from listing to release and distribution. 

Developer-Centric Solutions: Bridging Gaps and Fostering Growth

  1. 24×7 Assistance : Indus App Store understands the importance of support and offers local teams available 24×7. Whether it’s through email, chat-bot, or local representatives, the platform ensures that developers have the assistance they need to navigate challenges and optimize their apps for success. This ensures a quick resolution to any issues, offering them unwavering support at every step of their app journey. Moreover, developers can access translation services to localize their apps in 12 Indian languages, fostering better reach and engagement.

    Indus Appstore also recognizes the importance of transparency and fairness in its dealings with developers. The platform boasts of transparent and developer-friendly app listing and review policies, eliminating unnecessary hurdles.
  1. Targeted Release Management : To help ease frictions during app releases, Indus Appstore provides developers the ability to create custom cohorts, test their Apps on these different cohorts and in turn control how the App rollouts occur. Thus giving developers more control over how they want to take their app to the market.
  1. Instant Updates : Seamlessly leveraging Mobile Data and Device Storage, we ensure swift and intelligent updates. This guarantees that the apps most frequently used by users remain consistently up-to-date, optimizing both the user experience and the device’s storage capacity.
  1. Actionable Insights : Indus Appstore provides developers with real-time analytics, industry insights with competitor benchmarking. These actionable insights empower developers to adopt best practices and stay at the forefront of the industry.

And lastly, a game changing proposition for all app developers : 

  • Zero Listing Fee for the First Year : Indus Appstore disrupts the norm by offering a zero listing fee for the first year, allowing app developers to showcase their creations without financial constraints. 
  • Zero Commissions : All developers benefit from a 0% app store commission model on in-app purchases, granting them unparalleled financial freedom and flexibility in choosing their payment gateways

An Open Invitation to Developers

Indus Appstore extends an open invitation to all Android app developers to register and upload their apps using the self-serve developer platform at . These apps will be featured on the soon-to-be-launched India’s very own appstore – Indus Appstore, offering a localized experience in 12 languages, entirely tailored for Indian audiences.

An invitation to all developers to break free from limitations, and explore the boundless possibilities that lie in the heart of India’s app ecosystem. It’s time to amplify your reach, speak Bharat’s language, and be a part of the journey that reshapes the app development landscape.


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Suniva Rawat

Suniva is a seasoned marketing and strategy enthusiast, known for her passion in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Currently leading corporate communications for Indus Appstore, she is entrusted with shaping the brand's image through strategic communication and content management.