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Discover the comprehensive world of Jainism with the Jain Panchang 2024 app. Seamlessly navigate through an easy-to-use interface and unlock a treasure trove of valuable information about Jain traditions, festivals, and panchang timings. This jain calendar provides you with all the tools you need to explore and share the richness of Jain culture with your friends and well-wishers.

Jain Panchang 2024 Features:
Easy Access and Simple Navigation: Effortlessly explore the app's features with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation. Quickly find the information you seek, making your experience smooth and enjoyable.

Jain Calendar in Hindi Format: Immerse yourself in the world of Jainism with a Panchang calendar presented in the traditional Hindi format. Stay connected to auspicious days, planetary positions, and celestial events important to Jains.

Festivals and Events of Jain: Stay updated with a comprehensive list of Jain festivals and events. Plan your celebrations in advance and embrace the joyous spirit of Jain traditions.

Jain Bakthi Songs Lyrics: Dive into the devotional aspect of Jainism with a collection of melodious Bakthi Geetha lyrics. Sing along to soul-stirring Bazana, Harathi, Deeksha, and other Jain devotional songs.

Jain Tirthankaras: Explore the lives and teachings of the revered Jain Tirthankaras. Delve into detailed descriptions of the 24 Tirthankaras and deepen your understanding of their profound contributions.

Sunrise/Sunset Timings: Stay attuned to the natural rhythms of the day with accurate sunrise and sunset timings. Align your daily practices and rituals in harmony with the celestial movements.

Day & Night Choghadiya and Subha Hora: Maximize auspicious moments in your day using the Day & Night Choghadiya and Subha Hora features. Identify favorable time slots for important activities and make the most of each day.

Day & Night Gowri Panchangam Timings: Embrace the wisdom of the Gowri Panchangam as it reveals the favorable and unfavorable timings for various activities throughout the day and night.

Pachakhan Timings: Stay informed about the Pachakhan calendar, ensuring you adhere to the sacred dietary practices of Jainism.

Baby Names for Male and Female: Find the perfect name for your little one from a curated collection of meaningful and auspicious baby names for boys and girls.

Additional Categories:
Jain Alphabet: Discover the significance of Jain alphabets with detailed explanations and insights into their profound symbolism.

Jain Bojan: Explore Jain dietary practices, including food diets and delicious recipes that align with Jain principles.

Jain Stories: Enrich your spiritual journey with captivating Jain stories that impart wisdom, morals, and teachings.

Jain Quotes: Find inspiration and reflection in a collection of beautiful Jain quotes that offer guidance and elevate the soul.

Jain Temples and History: Immerse yourself in the rich history of Jainism and learn about the significance of Jain temples across the world.

Jain Stotram: Experience devotion through Jain stotras that encompass the essence of Jain spirituality.

Jain Devotional Audios: Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of Jainism with captivating devotional audios, including the revered Bhaktamar and other powerful stotras.

Jain Muhurtas: Discover auspicious timings for significant events such as property purchases, wedding ceremonies, and more, ensuring a blessed and prosperous journey ahead.

Jain Ancient History: Delve into the fascinating world of Jain ancient history with in-depth discussions and captivating images that bring the past to life.

Experience the Jain way of life with the Jain Panchang 2024 app. We welcome your feedback to provide the best panchang app.


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