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Oriya Study Bible

Oriya Study Bible

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Grace Ministries Study Bible

THE BIBLE TEXT : The text used for this Study Bible is not a new translation, but a revision of the Authorized Version, known popularly as The King James Version (hereafter called KJV), first published in 1611. We have done this revision with constant reference to the same Hebrew and Greek manuscripts that the translators of the KJV used.

We are aware that some Christians who are lovers of the KJV will not welcome any changes made in it. They may argue that there is no point in changing a version that God has so greatly blessed and that so many English speaking Christians have used for centuries. Many who think like this may not be aware that the original translators of the KJV made much use of previous translations, and that the KJV has already been revised a number of times. The version generally available to Christians for many years now has not been the original version completed in 1611, but the revision made in 1769. The producers of the 1967 edition of the Scofield Reference Bible did some revising of the KJV, as they inform us in their Introduction. Others also have produced their own revision – for example, the New King James Bible.

THE ORIYA TEXT : The Oriya text used for this Study Bible is a existing BSI Re-Version.

THE NOTES: Our sole purpose in writing and publishing these notes has been to provide the reader with a help in better understanding the Word of God, and so put it into practice more fully. They represent many years of hard work. Great care has been taken to try to expound what is in the text of the Bible, and not to present any preconceptions or prejudices we may have. It is, of course, quite possible that we have not always succeeded in this, and the reader may sometimes find mistakes in matters of fact or errors in the interpretation of a verse or a passage. If these things are pointed out to us, and we are convinced of our error, we will be most happy to correct any such thing in future editions. Truth is what we constantly aim at, and anything less than the truth in our thinking and speaking and writing is unacceptable and painful to us, as it should be to everyone who reads this. May God alone be praised if those who use our Study Bible come to a better understanding of the truth through it. We are in hearty agreement with the psalmist who wrote, “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory, because of your mercy and because of your truth” (Ps 115:1). In this we will have our joy and satisfaction.

We have provided a great many references throughout the notes and in a brief concordance at the end. We hope all these references are accurate, but are aware that mistakes in proof reading are always possible and may be found here and there. If the reader discovers any such mistakes we would appreciate having them pointed out to us.

G.R. Crow & The Staff of Grace Ministries


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