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Ved, Science & Maths

Ved Science & Maths

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Read vedas , Vedic Science, Vedic Maths, Ayurveda, Astrology, Astronomy, and many more such interesting pdf books here.
This Appliction here will give you access to 80+ amazing pdf books fueled with vedic science knowledge, Here you will find books categorised in 16 different categories.
Ved, Science & Maths is a project which is built with an intent to enhance the awareness among the people in respect to the concepts, knowledge and research regarding Vedic science.
Books are categorised in folowing 16 categories:
1. Astrology : Panchang Ganitam, The core of Astrology, Vedanga Jyotisha (Eng), Vedanga Jyotisha (eng translated).
2. Astronomy : Origin & Growth of Astronomy in India, Siddhanta Shiromani, Surya Siddhanta (Eng), Surya Siddhanta (Hindi).
3. Ayurveda : Ashtanga hridayam, Charaka Samhita (both vol I & II), Charaka Sutra, Patanjali yoga sutra, Sushruta nidana.
4. Darshan Shastra : mimansa Darshan, Nyaay Darshan, Sankhya Darshan, Sankhya Darshan (Hindi Bhasya), Vaisheshika Darshan, Vedanata Darshan, Vedanata Darshan (Hindi Bhasya), Yog Darshan.
5. Gita : Ashtavakra Gita, Gita (English), Gita (Sanskrit).
6. Swami Dayanand saraswati ji : Aryaupdesh ratnamala, Satyarth prakash
7. Itihaas (Indian History) : Bharatvarsh ka Itihaas (all 4 vol)
8. Science in Ancient Bharat : Achievements in exact Science, Indian technology in 18th century, indian contribution in science, Maths in ancient india, Science in ancient india.
9. Upnishads : Brihadaranyak upnishad, Kena and other upnishads (Eng), Mandukyo upnishad, Prashnopnishad.
10. Vedas : All four vedas (In Eng), Atharvaveda (book 1 & 2), Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda.
11. Vimana Shashtra : Vrihad Vimana Shashtra
12. Vedic Science : Agastya Samhita, Aryabhattiyam (both in Hindi & Eng), BirahunSamhita, Integrated science of yagna, Leelavati, Metallurgy, Narad Samhita, Science and ved, Space time & vedas, Ved vigyan, vedic vigyan.
13. Vedic Maths : Fundamentals of vedic Mathematics, Vedic Maths (Analysis), Vedic maths (Methods), Vedic Mathematics.
14. Yogiraj Shree Krisnha : Purano ke Krishna, Shree Krishna charitra, Yogiraj Shree Krishna.
15. Modern Science : Hyperspace, Parallek worlds, The cosmic connection, Theory of relativity; Special and general.
16. Other Books : Aitrey Brahman granth, Gau Mahima, Mahabhasya of patanjali, Prachin vedic Siddhanta, Sanskar Chandrika, Sanskar Vidhi, Taj Mahal or Shiv Mandir, Vedic Sampatti.
This is the best place (App) to read related to vedanta and science, All the books here are categorised in the best possible way as they can.
Science (physics to be specific) interested students can go through vedic science and Science in Ancient Bharat category and than can read the books of some famous foreign physicist given in modern science category and try to see what is common and what is the difference between our ancient vedic science and the modern science.
This comparative study will give you a wider area to think and understand how science and nature go hand in hand and how our ancestors progress in field of science without harming the nature (Sustainable Development).
The application is only for the educational and awaewness purpose and use of any services provided through the interface of the application is free of cost and hence, it has absolutely no commercial use.
We encourage the users to make use of the application and suggest their recommendations to make it a solution with a greater impact.
The project is still under the development and modifications will be done to improve the overall performance of the application.


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