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Short Surahs - Quran Dua Dhikr

Short Surahs




Short Surahs is an Islamic app that let Muslims to learn Surahs and help them in prayer. This app has 20 Short Surahs with most read Surahs of the Holy Quran including Aytal Kursi, Surah Ya-Sin.

Short Surahs included most common Dhikr(Zikr) and Duas

This application is beautifully designed with each Surah in Arabic and English translations. Every Surah is clearly understandable and easy to learn. And beautiful voice of Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Ghamdi, God Grace.

The 20 Surahs has been included in this App

Sura Ad - Dhuha (The Forenoon)
Surah Ash - Sharh (Comfort)
Surah Al - Tin (The Fig)
Surah Al - Qadr (The Night of Power)
Surah Al - Zalzalah (The Earthquake)
Surah Al - Adiyat (The Charges)
Surah Al - Qariah (The Calamity)
Surah Al - Takathur (Competition)
Surah Al - Asr (The Declining Day)
Surah Al - Humaza (Accuser)
Surah Al - Fil (The Elephant)
Surah Al - Quraysh (Qurayshits)
Surah Al - Ma’un (Neighboulry Needs)
Surah Al - Kausar (Abundance)
Surah Al - Kafirun (The Unbelievers)
Surah An - Nasr (Divine Support)
Surah Al - Masad (The Palm Fiber)
Surah Al - Ikhlas (Fidelity)
Surah Al - Falaq (Dawn,Daybreak)
Surah Al - Nas (Mankind)

Short Surahs is an easy app to memorise Holy Quran especially for them who want to memorise, Short Surahs help them in easy learning and understanding, and also for those noble one who want to learn Holy Quran and teach its to others with translation.


1) Now we can play all Short Surahs as a playlist
2) we have Short Surahs playlist repeat functionality
3) Play,Pause,Next,Previous and Stop controls on Notification and on Lock Screen
4) Increase and decrease Surahs font size
5) Set Time to play Short Surahs.
6) Now we can do dhikr(Zikr) in our free time.

New features added
* Quran, Asma-ul-Hasna, more Dua's
* Accurate Prayer Times (Require Location Permission)
* Surahs Arabic Translation
* Ya-sin, Aaytal Kursi to Memorise Line by Line
* Must Memorise daily life Dua's


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