With its user-friendly design and content streams for relevant app consumption, the Indus Appstore is an indigenous app store created for Indian consumers that facilitates app discovery and interaction. The Indus Appstore is an absolutely Safe & Secure store as every App goes through a series of App scans and review processes before making it available for the users.

Currently, the Indus Appstore is available on limited devices. However, we’re working on expanding this every day. If you wish to know more about the devices that support the Indus Appstore, please email us at [email protected], and we’ll help you with the information.

No, it is not necessary to have a PhonePe registered mobile number to use the Indus Appstore. You can simply enter any number on the login page and verify with the OTP. Note: To avail of any Cashback/Rewards, you will have to install the PhonePe App to receive the Cashback/Rewards.

Yes, it is absolutely safe. Before being made accessible for download, every app on the Indus Appstore is carefully screened and checked for any malicious content or information.

Please ensure you accurately type the app name or adjust your search keywords appropriately. Additionally, it's possible that the developer hasn't uploaded the app to our store yet. If so, we're working to bring them on board as soon as possible. In such instances, you may also contact us at [email protected] to inform us about the app so that we can speed up the onboarding process. We will notify you as soon as the app is available and ready for installation.

To publish your app, you have to register on the Indus Appstore Developer Platform. Click on “List my App”, fill in the below-mentioned details, and submit for an app review: • App Details. • App Metadata. • Indian Language Listing. • Developer Info & Data Safety. • Upload Application. Click "here" to learn the steps to list your app.

This could be due to one of the below reasons, • Weak internet connection • Low device storage. • The OS Version of your device might not support the app. • The app is non-compatible for your device. Please check the above and try downloading the app again. If you need any further help, please contact us at [email protected] .

To share feedback or add a review, you can use the App Review feature on the Indus Appstore. You can also mark a review as inappropriate if needed. For Appstore-related issues, please email us at [email protected] with feedback.

Currently the Appstore is available in English & 12 Indian languages only. If there are additional languages added in the future, the same will be visible in the language list. Languages currently available as below: - Hindi - Marathi - Gujarati - Telugu - Tamil - Punjabi - Malayalam - Odia - Kannada - Bengali - Assamese - Urdu.

When the user feels that their issue remains unresolved at L1 and L2 levels and a convincing closure was not done for their issue for 10 days or more, they can raise a Grievance.

If you need any support, please contact us at: [email protected]