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DETOXIFY - Porn App Blocker





- Requires $5.50/mo subscription after the 3-day free trial.
- If you financially cannot afford the in-app purchase then please send your email to [email protected] for our upcoming scholarship program.
- If VPN does not stay on / frequently disconnects, turn off battery optimization

Known ISP compatibility issues: Some internet service providers (ISP) disallow blockers. If this happens, the blocker will either not work or no
longer have access to the Internet. This is not a Detoxify bug and is standard across all network-based blockers. Test the app thoroughly during your risk-free 3 day free trial. Contact support if you need assistance to determine this.

Known device-type compatibility issues: Some phone manufacturers like Oppo kill accessibility willy-nilly which is needed for pin protect. This is also out of our control. Use our app lock feature to lock your settings instead.

Simple setup, multi-level filtering:
2 million+ porn sites blocked with a simple 1-tap setup! Select from different restriction modes: Normal, Extreme, Ultra Extreme.

Custom blacklisting:
Got a problem with Sports Illustrated? Block it! We don't see what you block ever, no judging. You do you.

Safe Search:
Enforces Safe Search on all major search engines so you stay protected there as well.

Pin-protect uninstalls:
Get someone you trust to enter a 4-digit pin to prevent easy uninstalls. Or, use the automatic pin randomizer so you don't know what the pin is.

Streak counter:
Quantify your journey with a Streak. Celebrate milestones!

Accountability alerts:
Uninstall and unsubscribe alerts to a trusted buddy you nominate. Be held accountable for your actions.

Panic mode:
Got the urge? Lock yourself out of your phone when you get the urge! Calm your urges with ambient sounds from nature.

Thrive mode:
Supercharge your life with our productivity tracker. See how much time you've spent on positive habits instead of a porn binge. It's time to cultivate new habits!

Speed-conscious, privacy-centric:
Does not slow down browsing speed. Does not log any data, safe and secure.

BURROW technology:
Overcome your ISP's malpractices with encrypted DNS. Enhance your security and privacy online.

Multi-device coverage:
Available for Android, Windows and Mac. No extra fee, just login to your same account. Download installers at

Responsive, efficient customer success team:
We don't just support you. We make sure you're setup for success. We don't give up on our community. Even if you want to just say hi, we'll ping back. :)

*Contact us directly, we'll assists you within 24 hours ([email protected])
*Get notified for other platforms:

This app uses Accessibility Services API. It uses the BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission to get the list of installed app in the device and to select/unselect the app(s) to add in Blacklist/Whitelists. Accessibility Services API is the only way to detect which other app is being opened/used in real time, it allows the Detoxify app to compare the apps from blacklist created by the user and prevents opening the other apps if those app(s) are in the Blacklist.

VPN Service Usage:
This app uses the VPN service to blacklist / whitelist the web domain on the device. This service allows users to control their access to certain websites they want to restrict themselves from visiting. The service can be enabled / disabled using the single click of a button.

This app uses the system alert window permission (SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW) to lock apps that the user nominates as troublesome.


Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. The developer provided this information and may update it over time.

Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region and age The developer provided this information and may update it over time. Icon image