You can review the Mobile Apps that You have downloaded via the Indus Appstore. The ratings for Mobile App(s) that are displayed on the Indus Appstore are calculated based on the average ratings from Indus Appstore users. 

Reviews will show the details linked to your user login account. For reviews, Developers will be able to see Your user login account details, language, device and device information (such as language, model, and OS version). Developers can also reply to reviews and may use this information to reply to You. If You edit a review, other users and developers can still see past edits unless You delete the review.

Indus’s guidelines for ratings and reviews are provided below. Reviews that don’t abide by these guidelines will be removed, and anyone who repeatedly or egregiously violates them may lose the ability to post reviews on Indus Appstore.

  1. Spam and fake reviews: Please ensure that Your reviews reflect the experience You have had with the Mobile App(s) You are reviewing. Please do not post: (i) inaccurate reviews; (ii) the same review multiple times; (iii) reviews for the same content from multiple accounts; (iv) reviews to mislead other users or manipulate the rating; and/or (v) reviews on behalf of others. 
  2. Related reviews: Please ensure that the reviews are relevant to the Mobile App(s) being reviewed. 
  3. Promotional material: Please ensure that the reviews do not promote content outside the scope of the Mobile App(s) that You are reviewing.
  4. Financial gain: Please ensure that the reviews are unbiased and are not influenced by financial gain. In this regard, please do not accept or offer any incentives in exchange for posting reviews.
  5. Intellectual Property: Please ensure that You do not post reviews that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.
  6. Sensitive information: Please ensure that You do not post Your personal or confidential information or the personal or confidential information of any user as part of Your review.
  7. Offensive language: Please ensure that You refrain from using obscene, profane, offensive language in Your reviews. 
  8. Applicable law: Please ensure that the reviews You post are in compliance with Applicable Laws and do not contain any illegal/sexually explicit/hateful content.